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Freshwater Ecosystems

Lakes, ponds, streams, wetlands, rivers and springs are all included in earth's different freshwater ecosystems. These ecosystems are incredibly important for the planet's wellbeing, and not least to our own. The importance of healthy, clean freshwater ecosystems was discovered during hard plagues where contaminated sewage systems made it almost impossible to contain the spread of the awful diseases. Today we know very well how essential clean water is to our survival.

A sad reality

Unfortunately freshwater ecosystems are endangered all over the planet, more in some areas than others. The contamination of the water due to human emissions, the extinction of species from the flora and fauna and the effects from global warming are all big threats to the freshwater ecosystems. The freshwater species are being extinct at a rate that is more than five times higher than that of land living species, a fact that is highly disturbing. This is mainly because of invasive species taking out keystone species, but also sedimentation, and chemical as well as organic pollutants.

We need healhy waters to live

Thankfully there are several organizations all over the globe, working hard to balance the negative effects we are causing our lakes and rivers. It is of utmost importance that we take our responsibility for healthy freshwater ecosystems, if not for the sake of the planet, so for the sake of ourselves. Without healthy freshwater ecosystems our survival is at stake.

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